Opening Hours: 8.30 - 3.30 during school terms
and we can be contacted at 09 422 6516
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What To Bring

Bag - big enough to fit all the child’s belongings and creations for the day.


Nappies - enough for the day and a couple of spares.


Spare Clothes - at least 2 changes of clothes.  The nature of play based learning is that it is very hands on and can be wet and messy.  Please name all of your child’s clothes so that we can help children to learn to put their belongings away.


Hats and Jackets - We play in our outdoor learning environment in all sorts of weather so please ensure your child has a jacket, beanie and gumboots in winter and a sunhat in summer.  We love nature and the outdoors in all seasons.


Lunchbox and Drink Bottle - include enough healthy food for morning tea and lunch and a little extra in case they are hungry that day.


We encourage litter free lunch boxes and find that glad wrap and prepackaged food wrappers are particularly susceptible to flying away in the wind and getting into our gardens.


Paper lunch wrap or lunch boxes with dividers in them are preferable.  Any litter or food scraps are sorted by the children into labelled bins so it is recycled, composted or put in the rubbish.



Settling Into Preschool

Here at Leigh Community Preschool we are committed to peaceful and respectful settling process for children and families.


On enrolment we will discuss your specific needs and plan an appropriate settling process for you and your children.  It may include visits with a family member to preschool, a key teacher to help your child settle or even home visits if required.


All parents are welcome to stay with their child while they are attending preschool.

We especially encourage this for at least a couple of visits while your child is settling.


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