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Learning and Teaching

At Leigh Community Preschool we believe that care and respect are the basis not only for relationships in life but also the foundation for children’s self esteem and learning.


Our curriculum provides the framework for children’s learning and reflects our core values and mission.  As teachers we believe it is vital that we regularly assess children’s learning and reflect on our teaching practice in order to provide a high quality learning environment.


Leigh Community Preschool learning and teaching ensures children’s strengths and interests are being supported and extended in a play based curriculum. The curriculum planning is based on observations of what children can do, patterns in their play, their interests and their learning.


Teachers support and challenge each child’s learning by providing a rich array of activities and learning experiences.


Each child has a portfolio where their learning is documented through photos and stories. 
It is constantly revisited by teachers, children and families and added to twice every term. Parents are invited to contribute to these through discussion and/or writing in the portfolio and sharing of stories and photo’s.


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