Opening Hours: 8.30 - 3.30 during school terms
and we can be contacted at 09 422 6516
or email:




Emergency Procedures

Emergency Contacts - please keep your contact details and those of your emergency contacts up to date by emailing or letting a teacher know if they change.  This is very important if there was an emergency or your child becomes unwell during session.


Emergency Closure of Preschool - We are required by the Ministry of Education to close the Preschool in certain circumstances, such as a natural disaster, loss of power to the preschool or any circumstance that may make it unsafe for the preschool to operate.


If we are required to close preschool we will contact you and you will be required to pick up your child.


If we need to evacuate the preschool because of an immediate threat there will be an evacuation notice on the door which will give you information about where to collect your child and how to contact us.




Health and Safety

Health - Children’s immune systems are still developing and getting stronger in their early childhood years.  It is common to have a variety of illnesses during these years.  We believe that children need to rest when they are sick, so please keep your children home if they are unwell.


This helps to avoid spreading childhood illnesses to other families.  If your child becomes unwell during session we will contact you to pick your child up.  Unwell children may have an unidentified rash, a fever (over 38 degrees), be lethargic or unsettled, cough and cold symptoms, head lice or be suffering from vomitting or diarrhoea.


Smokefree Premises - Preschool is a smokefree zone.  This includes the carpark area by the gate.


Car Seats - Children are only able to be released to families if they are using compliant Child Safety Restraints.

Please check the new regulations on this website link:


Drugs & Alcohol - Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on preschool grounds.  If a parent or caregiver is under the influence and considered by staff as unsafe to drive, preschool will arrange for another person to collect your child.


Aggressive Behavior - Should there be any aggressive behaviour the police will be contacted.  This is a Ministry of Education requirement and is designed to keep children and families safe.

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